Former parish priest, Fr Clement, returned to the Lord

Our former parish priest, returned to the Lord on 17 Feb. at 4.00am. He was our parish priest from 1992 – 1998. He was a gentle, generous priest, who was very much loved by many people.

For photos of his funeral, please visit our facebook page.

For write-up on him and his funeral, please visit the Diocese website.

Below are comments which I compiled from parishioners here and there (especially from Facebook). Please click on ‘Continue reading’ to read the comments. Add your own comments (again) or others if you like.

A Seminarian:
I learned so much from Fr Clement. He is a priest who unites people, reach out to everyone regardless of race and status. He manifest the meaning of hospitality and humanity, promote community building. He’s the first priest to open the parish to the Filipino community.

Ophel Low, a Filipino, from the Penang Support Group for Filipinos, and staying in Penang for 17 years.
He was the first priest to welcome the Filipino community without any conditions and hesitation. He made us feel like his family, allowing us to use his living room for our meeting when all the rooms are occupied. During our Bible Sharing, he always offered to buy us breakfast. Later on, he gave us a space for our use… and up to now, the Filipino Community is still using the space in the parish house.”

Lucila Bo, another Filipino
Fr. Clement welcomes Filipino community in his parish house with open arms and make us feel at home. A very kind,  helpful and hospitable priest.

Johann Gregory
He was truly Jesus at work. He was a warm and loving Father to the youths,  always compassionate yet firm to get things done.

Stephanie Cheong
1. The image of dear Fr Clement going to buy food for us (those who worked late preparing for Holy Week and Easter) in the rain and floods without us asking or knowing about it has always been etched in my mind.
2. When I grumbled that I a…m finding it hard to write commentaries as I have not received any formation as yet, he lent me or sometimes bought me some beautiful books that I have kept till today.
3. His parish house, the kitchen, the sitting room and even guest rooms are always open to us, other priests and seminarians. Drinks and food are always there for any of us who is thirsty or hungry.
There are many, many, more moments that he has touched our hearts and changed our lives. Let us treasure what we have learnt from him and emulate his example of living a Christ-like life.See more

Jude ManickamFr. Clement was instrumental in those of us who were getting started in youth ministry back in the late 1980’s. Together with the late Fr. Catel, he laid the building blocks for the future South Perak District Youth Council, something that I cherish till now. A good man and a good priest. I shall miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

Lucia Lai
i remember…
– how he got someone to sponsor me to the world youth day in manila. he said a lady gave RM500. when i asked him who was the lady as i need to thank her, he said “why you want to know? just thank god will do.”
– how he asked me …to do a favour by looking for a document he need to use, and pass the document to him in BM via a friend. after receiving the document, he gave me an envelope with a RM50, saying “have an ice cream on me.”
– how open he is to all of us (esp. the filipino community), where he allows us to go upstairs his living room to have meetings and allows us staff to go upstairs using his kitchen.
– how generous he is. parish pays for all fellowship makan. he had said “the money is from the parishioners, so we give back to them.” (meaning the money came from parishioners donations every sunday).
– how he always treated us staff to makan opposite the oriental food stall. he ask us to order whatever we want then to the food owner “put on my account.”.
– how i and a few others wit him went visiting families in our area. i remember he was feeling very tired yet he said he had to continue.

Maureen Anne Muthu
When I told Fr Clement of my mum’s passing in Aug 2006, he got Pathi to drive him from BM to Sg Petani to offer condolence .I was so touched. He was truly a man of God- a shepherd caring for his flock.

Anthony Dass
I still remember the days when he use to bring the orang asli youths to my Fathers gouse in Teluk Intan. Please write about his achievements and success.

Desmond Jansen
i already started missing him the time we used to have lepaking at coconut water stall which he will belanja us after servers training. When ever the servers doing any program he will be the person to be there and give us pocket money.really …miss him May His Soul Rest In Peace

Michel Gregory
After his funeral while I was driving to fetch my wife I heard his favourite song on the radio from Lobo ‘Me and you and the dog named Boo’ and dedicated this song to him…..He is the only priest we can clique easily….inspite of his pain and suffering, he always puts on a smiling face,when we see him in the Adventist hospital. We miss him dearly…perpetual light shine upon him.may his soul rest in peace…

Angelene Khaw
after Fr.Clement left Penang we visited him wherever he stayed even at Little Sisters, Cheras that was how much we missed him…. he once told me that ” if God puts me ( Fr.C ) in it, I will go thru it….that was how he face his sufferings….

Kins Aparece
RIP Fr. Clement. Thank you for the ready smile and accommodation. I can still smell the durians and the mangosteens feasted on your table…

Thanks for making others glimpse of the possible things we can do on earth.

Aloysius Tan
Yes, he welcomed the Filipino group, he started the bahasa mass for east Malaysians and Indonesians………the parish house always open…priests always drop by….. he will sit in our Chinese apostolate’s meetings though he don’t understand the language to show support to us…. he will never turn down ppl who turns up for many times, he asked me and others to help to buy bus ticket, to buy milk powder, food for those coming to ask for her….though he know some of them is not sincere….

Fr. Anthony Pillai
Now how can we carry on the community spirit he had sown? Most of us are fruits of it. And most of you are doing excellently in the open world today. Keep it up as he is smiling from above and blessing us from the heavenly community. Imagine him attending CCAT meeting with St. Peter and gang now!


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  1. michel gregory

    Once I was in BM commentating in the St.Anne’s feast day Mass in1985, Fr.Clement gave a very good homily, I told myself that we must have more of this type of priest, that was the first time I saw him with long hair.

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