Lenten Campaign activities

The Parish Human Development Committee (PHDC) members, youth and catechism teachers had met a number of times and had come up with the following Lent activities:

Theme:  Light a life… as a family


Week 1 – 12 & 13 Mar:  Distribution of  Lent flyers.
Week 2 – 19 & 20 Mar:  Distribution of Lent envelopes and
flyers urging families to fast together for a day.
Week 3 – 27 Mar:  Multi-lingual Migrant Mass at 11.30am
Week 4 – 2 & 3 Apr:   Family Prayer
Week 5 – 10 Apr:  Gotong-royong at Esplanade
Week 6 – 17 Apr:  Blood donation


There will be a Lenten Tree and a Lenten Cross up during the whole of the Lent season.

The Lenten Tree will be managed by the SSVP members. It is a ‘wish-list’ tree from SSVP adoptees or any people in need. Their wishes will be up at the tree and parishioners are urged to pick a wish to grant them the wish.

As for the Lenten Cross, Parishioners will be given a chance to [seek for reconciliation or healing with the use of  the Lenten Cross. They are to write down on a paper, the burdens they want to be free of, an area in their lives they need healing or a change of heart and attitude. These intentions of them on paper, will be on the cross the whole of Lent, and they are to pray for their own intentions throughout Lent.

Do show your support to all the activities!


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