Installtion of Fr Dominic as Parish Priest

Fr. Dominic Santhiyagu was installed as the parish priest of City Parish, Penang on 20 March 2011 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows during the 9.00am Mass.

It was a mutli-lingual Mass, and celebrated by the Bishop of Penang, Bishop Antony Selvanayagam, with co-celebrants, Fr Julian Leow and Fr Michael Thoo, the assistant parish priest of City Parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council chairperson, Mr John Dass, had no difficulty in introducing the young priest, Fr. Dominic, 38, as he had been the assistant parish priest since 2008. Fr Thoo, 77, was the parish priest from 2002 to 2010 and in January 2008, Fr Dominic joined the parish as assistant. During October last year, when the Diocese had a priests transfer exercise, the Bishop decided to switch the posts of Fr Dominic and Fr Thoo. John Dass also informed the congregation a little of Fr Dominic’s background and the positions he is holding e.g as a Director of the Penang Diocesan Youth Network..

In Bishop Selva’s homily, he mentioned that the Gospel reading highlighted the Church’s call – “Listen to him.”

“Yes, God calls us,” he said, “we listen, but do we allow what we listen to sink into our hearts? Do we take with us God’s Word in our daily lives as we leave the Church (Mass)? Where do you stand as a Christian if you just come for Mass, or goes for devotions but then you don’t reflect God’s Word in your daily lives? Challenge yourself – ask yourself am I listening to God?  Do I want to live what Jesus wants? Am I faithful to God as Christian, do I know God’s Word?

He said that the world needs Jesus Christ as a light to lead the path but we need to show this light of Christ to the world by being faithful to his Word. He stressed that we should keep this light burning for Christ and living for Christ, in our daily lives

“To be a Christian is to be in tune with what God wants us to do. At the end of Mass, it is good for us to say “This is what  I have leaned during Mass, I’ll take it with me the whole week and be faithful to it.” he continued.

Touching on the installation, he informed that the priest’s primary role is to proclaim the Word.  The priest has a duty to tell people what Jesus Christ and the Church is telling us to do. His second duty is to celebrate the Eucharist and build community. He urged us to work in collaboration with the parish priest.

After the installation ceremony, a simple handing over was done. Fr Thoo handed over a beautifully wrapped folder with the parish’s pastoral report and parish year planner to Fr Dominic.

Joyce Lee, the PPC secretary gave a thank you speech. She thanked the Bishop and Fr Leow for their presence.  She thanked Fr Thoo, who at the age of 76, is still actively involved in the parish as assistant parish priest. Fr Thoo, who had been the parish priest for eight years, she said, is like a father figure to us. Thank-you cards were handed over to Fr Thoo and Fr Dominic by Joyce, on behalf of the parishioners to show appreciation to their two priests.

In Fr Dominic’s speech, he informed the congregation that his ordination theme was “Do whatever he tells you.” Therefore, he said, yes he has a duty to build God’s Kingdom.

“Pray for me that I may do Jesus’ work well. Together, let us build his Kingdom here on earth.  I thank the Bishop for having the confidence in me, to install me as parish priest. I also would like to thank Fr Thoo for his guidance and support all this while.”

There was a fellowship after Mass, in which everyone joined in for some good food, at the same time, congratulating the new parish priest.

(for more photos, please see facebook)


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