Gotong-royong and Blood Donation

These two activities of the Lenten Campaign are up at Malaysiakini’s Komunitikini. Later, they will be also be in our Herald paper. Click on the links to read.

Parishioners join hands in Esplanade clean-up
Photos at Facebook

Blood Donation Drive at Georgtown’s St John Britto’s Church
Photos at Facebook

(click on ‘continue reading’ to read about the blood donation as partly appears in the herald of 1 may 2011).

44 persons turned up at the Church of  St John Britto on Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday_ , 17 April to ‘help save lives’ by donating blood.

This Blood Donation Drive was one of the Lenten Campaign activities organized by the Love Squad of City Parish, Penang. Out of the 44 who turned up, 12 were rejected because of their low hemoglobin count or low blood pressure.

Fr Joe Matthews, who had just finished celebrating Mass at the Church, turned up to give encouragement and moral support to the parishioners.

“Jesus shed his blood for us to destroy sins and saves lives.” he said,  “To identify ourselves with Jesus, we donate our blood to save lives. That is the least we can do, but it is the most appropriate way to identify oneself with Jesus, especially today on the Day of his Passion.”

Seven staff from the Unit Tabung Darah Hospital Pulau Pinang were on hand monitor the operation. Milo drinks and biscuits were offered by them.

The donors were from all walks of life – young and old, ladies and men.

Br. Raymond, who was a first time donor said his friends encouraged him to donate blood as it is a good deed. He had also wanted to try something new and look to this first time blood donation as an ‘adventure’.

Mr Daniel Roy, a young College student, said this was his 5th time donating blood.

“By donating blood, I’know I will be helping someone. Each time there is a Blood Donation Campaign, I’m always willing to be a donor.” he said.

Beside blood donation, Organ Donation forms are also available as an option for the blood donors. Seven persons signed up to pledge their organs.


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