City parishioners clean up the Esplanade

More than 50 parishioners from City Parish, Penang, spent the Sunday morning on 10 April, under the hot sun, cleaning up the playground field on the Esplanade.

The ‘Gotong-royong at Esplanade’ project was one of the parish’s Lenten Campaign activity, organized by the Parish Human Development Committee (PHDC) and youth who joined the Love Squad team.

Before the Gotong-royong, PHDC chairperson, John David, had written to the City Council of their intention to clean up Esplanade.

On the day of the clean-up, the City Council bought along the necessary tools – brooms, rakes, shovels, baskets, garbage bags.

The people were divided into groups, and with the tools provided, they scattered all round the large area to start their civic duty!

Mr Arulselven, 51, senior supervisor of Padang Kota was around with a few of his staff to watch over the works. He said they are from the Bahagian Perkhidmatan Perbandaran, under the Perkhidmatan Perbandaran, Kesihatan Awam dan Perlesenan.

“We are in charge of the general cleanliness of parks and gardens. We clean up this place once in a while, when there’s a directive. We are happy that today, the Church group is here to do the cleaning-up. We had several NGOs and groups writing to us before for gotong-royong and by far, this is the largest group.”

Mr Arulselven said that, under the  Bahagian Perkhidmatan Perbandaran, they go around different locations to do cleaning-up, and sometimes, they will write to NGO or groups to request gotong-royong from them.

Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, the parish priest of City Parish was glad to see many people turning up for the gotong royong.

“We come together as a community from the Church, as we care for the community in general.” He said, “I hope you don’t stop here.  Continue to build community not only in the church but among your family and friends.”

(as appeared in the Herald of 24 April. see the article in komunitikini too)


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