SSVP Adoptees receive their Lenten wishes

More than 40 adoptees of SSVP in the four conference of City Parish were very happy when they were granted their wishes in cash and kind.

The ‘Lenten Tree Wish’ project was initiated by the Love Squad (a team mobilized during Lenten Campaign) as one of the Lenten Campaign activities. The Love Squad left it to SSVP to organised the project.

At all the four churches of City Parish (Our Lady of Sorrows, St Francis Xavier, St John Britto, Assumption), the Lenten Tree was put up in front of the sanctuary.

SSVP members from the four churches approached their adoptees to find out from them what were their wishes.  Their wishes were written on a small piece of paper and hung on the trees. Parishioners who attends Mass at the four churches were then informed of the Lenten Tree and they were welcome to pick any wish to be fulfilled for the adoptees.

It was very heartening to note that there were many generous and caring parishioners as more than half of all the wishes that were up, had been fulfilled.  44 individuals (include families) were granted their wishes.

The granted wishes came in  the form of cash and kind. Several electrical items were donated like used computer, computer printer, rice cooker, table fan, TV, toaster, kettle and even a used refrigerator.

The cash donated from this Lenten Tree, were used to buy items requested by the adoptees e.g. conference of Our Lady of Sorrows bought some foodstuffs and paid the first month house rent for their adoptees. They also paid RM300 for an adoptee eye surgery and RM300 for an adoptee’s dialysis expenses.

An adoptee child who asked for RM200 to pay for his school fees, got his wish granted and another adoptee child who wish to buy some revision school books got her wish granted too when someone donated RM150 for her to buy the books. A boy of 12 got a bicycle as his wish, which he can used to cycle to school.

On 12 May, these adoptees were called to the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, where the presentation of their gifts were made by the parish priest, Fr. Dominic Santhiyagu. Happy faces were seen all round as they went up to receive their gifts. They were treated to some light refreshment after the presentation.

Fr. Dominic commanded the SSVP members for a job well done in seeing to the needs of the less fortunate.

(published in Herald of 29 May 2011)


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