Migrant Sunday

Celebrating Migrant Sunday at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows was indeed an eye-opener. At the beginning of the Mass, Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, parish priest of the City Parish, welcomed all migrants into our community emphasizing on the theme — One Origin, One Community, One Big Family, stating that we should learn to make this parish Our Home.

During his homily, Fr Dominic referred to the revered late Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s story of conversion of a “sinful” lady who was poisoned by her husband because she refused to walk the streets to earn money for him. Fulton Sheen anointed her and prayed with her and she was cured whereupon she became an apostle of mercy.

Fr Dominic reminded us to be humble and to turn back to God, who has immense mercy for us. He exhorted us to keep in our minds and our hearts this motto — “God’s will be done in our lives.” At the end of the Mass, when he blessed the migrants, Fr Dominic commented that our parish is vibrant because of the migrant communities which make up more than two thirds of the parish.

After the Mass, the parishioners from all walks of life were entertained by presentations from the different communities, while enjoying a delicious breakfast fellowship on the grounds of the church.

by Debbie Mitchell

(This appeared in Herald of 16 Oct. 2011)


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