Indonesians Migrant workers visits City Parish

Forty-eight Catholic Indonesians migrant workers from Sg. Kroh, Kampar, Perak, visited Penang on 29 and 30 October 2011.

City Parish, Penang played host to them. They arrived in a chartered bus, on the night of 29 October and headed for the Assumption Formation Centre. Members from the parish Penang Human Development Committee (PHDC) were around to welcome them. They were provided with dinner before they were taken to the rooms to stay for the night. The parish priest, Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, also dropped in later on, to say hello to them.

The next morning, on Sunday, 30 October, they joined parishioners for the morning Eucharistic Celebration at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Fr Ronnie Luni,  from Keningau, Sabah, was the main celebrant, with Fr Dominic co-celebrating. The Eucharistic Celebration was in English and Bahasa.

In Fr Ronnie’s homily, he touched on being  a Christian community in the Church. He said that the Christian community is look to as a family that unites us in the Church.

The Indonesians did the second reading and sang two hymns during the Mass. During the presentation of gifts, they offered up fruits brought by them all the way from Kampar. The fruits, include, rambutans, mangosteens and mangoes.

After Mass ended, there was a fellowship for the Indonesians and other migrants who were present. The Indonesians then went on a sight-seeing tour of Penang island before they headed back home to Kampar.

These Indonesian Catholics are workers from the Sg, Kroh estates in Kampar.  There are about 200 of them in the community. Most of them works in oil palm plantation or fruits and vegetable farm. They were very happy when their employers get them registered under the government’s 6P plan. This means they are now ‘legalised’ and can go out without fear, hence they themselves arranged for this tour to Penang, on their own expenses.

–         by Lucia Lai

note:  for more photos, please visit our facebook photo album.


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