Feast of St Francis Xavier

‘Go forth and evangelise’ – that was the main theme for the Feast of St Francis Xavier celebration at the Church of St Francis Xavier, beginning from 1 Dec. to 4 Dec.

Eucharistic Celebration on day one and day two of the Triduum were celebrated by Fr Maiccal SInnappan. Day one’s theme focus on the Christian Community and BEC, while on day two, there was blessing of the sick.

Day three Eucharistic Celebration was a youth mass, focusing on vocation. It was celebrated by Fr Francis Andrew.

On 4 Dec, the main feast celebration, Fr Francis Xavier, an ‘old boy’ of the parish of St Francis Xavier, Penang, was there to celebrate the Mass. Joining him, was the assistant parish priest of City Parish, Fr Michael Thoo. The Mass was in four languages (English, Tamily, Mandarin, Tagalog).

Fr Francis Xavier, sternly warned that, just as John the Baptist reminded us to prepare a way for the Lord in the Gospel reading, we must all prepare for Christmas. He said that nowadays people like to go straight to Christmas without celebrating Advent first.

“People nowadays go about life without preparation.” Said Fr Xavier. “They want Christmas but they don’t want Advent, they want Easter but they don’t want Lent. Likewise, they want peace but they are not seeking for it. They want to go to heaven but they do not want a change of heart.”

He said that Advent is the only time that God is coming to us, instead of we go to God. Hence, it is an important time for us to prepare for the Lord, which is a call to holiness.

He then talked about change, that we must change from good to better, and better to best.

“Even if we feel we are the best, we must continue to change.” he stressed, “there’s no end to change. We must especially change from sinfulness to holiness. When you change for the better, you will find joy.”

A procession and benediction followed after Mass, of which then the congregation adjourned for dinner and fellowship.

note: photos at Facebook album

– by Lucia Lai

(This was published in the Herald of 18 Dec. 2011)


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  1. Christianus A. Potilu

    It is so touching me the homily presents by Rev.Fr.Xavier. I agreed what you had sharing about – million thanks to you Father …..

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