Celebrate the Gift of Jesus


Christmas carols in English, Mandarin, Tamil and Tagalog filled the hall of the Church of the Assumption, where about 400 people gathered for the parish (City Parish, Penang) Christmas celebration.

City Parish’s Christmas celebration was held on 18 Dec. from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. The theme for the celebration was ‘Celebrate the Gift of Jesus’.

Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, the parish priest, opened the celebration with a scripture reading and a short prayer. He then asked what is the meaning of celebrating the gift of Jesus, in his welcoming speech.

 “In John 3:16, we heard that God loved us so much that he gave us his only Son, Jesus Christ.” he said, “To appreciate this gift of Jesus, we must be able to identify a gift that we have, which we can offer to Jesus in return. During the Christmas vigil Mass, go and offer up this gift to Jesus, and pray that you may be able to life faithfully this gift.”

He thanked the organizers, the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Catechetical Team and also all those who are involved in one way or another.

Molly Mak, the organizing chairperson, in her address, first thanked Fr Dominic for the trust given to them as organizers. She also thanked the many sponsors in cash and kind. The helpers and volunteers were not forgotten too.

There were lots of interesting presentations to keep the crowd entertained. The Tamil carolers started the ball rolling and this was followed by the Filipinos with a song and a dance. The Catechism children also gave two dance presentations.

There was a break for tea time, where they get to enjoy doughnut, muffin, stollen cakes, hotdog bun and ice cream. The ‘Vico’ van saw a steady stream of people queuing up for that delicious chocolaty Vico drink.

The entertainment continued in the hall, while the children were out in the field to play games. Laughter and shouts ring out as the older children went a ‘hopitty-hop’ on gunny sack, while the younger children had fun playing with water, as they try to fill a bottle with water by using a sponge. There were prizes given for winners of the games, and all children received a gift each.

Dinner was served at 6.00pm, where everyone get to enjoy good curry chicken, before they call it a day.

– by Lucia Lai

Note:  for more photos, please visit our Facebook album.
Some photos also appeared in Komunitikini.


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