Liturgy of Life Part 1

The ‘Liturgy of Life – Things you never know about the Mass’  is a sixteen sessions  course (two hours per session) conducted by Rev PD Dr Sherman Kuek, SFO.

Dr Sherman is a Permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church,  and is attached to the  Diocese of Melaka-Johor as Director of the Diocesan Pastoral Institute.   He has a Doctor of Theology degree, majoring in Theology and Social Theory, conferred byTrinityTheologicalCollege(Singapore).   Apart from serving as Permanent Deacon he is also a speaker and lecturer in various academic and ecclesial contexts.

Dr Sherman was at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows (City Parish) on 13 to 15 Jan. to present his Part 1 ‘Liturgy of Life’ course.  This course was organized by the City Parish Liturgical Committee. More than 70 people from all the churches in thePenangisland, attended.

Part One consists of:

1.   The New Translation of the Roman Missal

2.   Introduction to the Liturgy

3.   Introduction to the Liturgy II

4.   Liturgy of the Early Church

Dr Sherman began with  the talk on the New Translation of  the Roman Missal on 13 Jan and it, being a relatively new issue,  kept the participants in rapt attention.  He explained on how and why the translation came about.

On 14 Jan, Dr Sherman gave a detailed  insight on the understanding of liturgy, with his two sessions ‘Introduction to Liturgy I and II’.  The last day, 15 Jan, participants learned about the liturgy of the early church.

After all the four sessions,  Questions and Answers time were allocated.  Many people came forward to ask questions.

The whole Part I sessions was wrapped up with a 15 mins. Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Part Two of ‘Liturgy of Life’ will be held in the month of July 2012, at the same place (ChurchofOLS,Penang).  Part Two topics will be on the Introductory Rites and the Liturgy of the Word. Those who are interested to sign up, please contact City Parish at tel. 04-2261504.

–          by Lucia Lai


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