Launching of the Lenten Campaign

PENANG (Herald Malaysia): The Love Squad members of the combined churches of City Parish surprised everyone during the Feb 28- 29 weekend, as they launched the Lenten Campaign at each of the four churches of the parish.

Their message was simple: each Lent we are challenged to review our lives, to repent and to reach out with love and forgiveness to those who have hurt us and those we have wronged. We are reaching out to you, inviting YOU to journey with us, to be a part of our outreach programmes in our street walk, our visit to the old folks’ homes, to seek out and help those who are in most need in our own parish and communities.

Knowing that the street people are not inclined to go to a home or shelter, the Love Squad members of the City Parish have opted to ask the congregation of the parish churches to donate sleeping bags to be given out during their street walk programme. The congregation are also invited to join them for a day with the old folks in their homes to help clean, feed and talk to the old people with followup visits at Easter and other festive seasons later in the year.

The launch was simple but had a great impact. The congregation in all the four churches joined in as the members sang the Michael Jackson hit, HEAL THE WORLD. — By Debbie Mitchell

(published in the Herald, 11 March 2012)


NOTE: for more information on the Lenten Campaign activities, please refer to the Love Squad Facebook.


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