Passion play at Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

PENANG: An idea flitted through the Love Squad members of the City Parish who captured it and made it whole. A musical Passion Play — something that was just not done, but undaunted, the youth put their innovative hats on and went off main stream to make a fledgling idea into a reality.

The play, with music by Michael Card, opened with the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. As Jesus entered the main aisle of the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows the congregation spontaneously placed their palms on the floor.

Fr Dominic, the parish priest, wanted to be surprised and he was and so was the entire congregation of the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, on Palm Sunday. Eye witness reports that there were many a tear that dropped during the Passion Play. One of the ladies in the congregation actually told the wardens that they should have pre-warned the congregation to bring tissues or supply them!

Fr Dominic then told the members of the Love Squad that he was positively moved and had to control his tears.

With the overwhelming response of how the play had impacted the congregation, Fr Dominic requested that the cast have another performance that would be a continuation of the journey of Jesus to His crucifixion.

The Love Squad members reprised their roles once more and added a new ending to the play, which was the bringing down of Jesus from the cross into the arms of Mother Mary and the carrying of Jesus to the tomb.

Pin drop silence met the scene when Jesus hung dead on the cross on Good Friday. This performance not only affected the congregation but the cast themselves were overwhelmed by what they were doing. One of the congregation, James of the Catholic Information Service, congratulated the cast and commented that he was tremendously moved. All around him at that point were sobbing. Many of the cast’s families stated that though they had watched the rehearsals, they were totally moved by the last scene which was that of the Pieta. —By Debbie Mitchell

NOTE:  This appeared in the Herald of 22 April 2012.
More photos of the play can be view at our Facebook page.


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