Parish confirmation

On 12 Aug., City Parish, Penang, not only celebrated the joy of  the Sacrament of Confirmation of 10 people, but also a farewell for Bishop Emeritus Antony Selvanayagam.

There were 9 children and 1 adult receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation at the 8.30am Mass at the Church of  Our Lady of Sorrows. They are Joyce Joseph, Sharon Xavier, Sereetasarah a/p Santhanasamy, Adeline Anthony, Anula a/p Gonapal, Kevin s/o Soosay Raj, Anthony s/o Balasubramaniam, Andrew s/o Anthony, Charles Thambiraj, Denis Albert and George Sebastian.


In Bishop Selva’s homily, he stressed on the importance of the Eucharist – the Bread of Life. He said that in the Eucharistic Celebration, there are two altars – one is to break the Word and the other is to break the Bread. Both are equally important, he said, and stressed that the Eucharist does not end in church when Mass is over.

“You got to take the Eucharist with you and live it up in your neighbourhood, school, workplace, wherever you go.” he said.

Bishop Selva also referred to the second reading (Eph 4:30-5:2), where St Paul talks about the good and bad qualities in us. St Paul had given a very good guide on how to live as a good person, so he reminded the confirmands not to lose their temper or call each other names but to be kind to one another, compassionate and forgiving.

After thanksgiving, there was a speech by Mr John Dass, the chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, in which he first thanked the Catechism teachers for preparing the candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation. He then proceeded to invite the congregation to reflect and appreciate all that Bishop Selva had done during his 29 years of untiring service in the Diocese.

“Thank you, Bishop, for the priorities you had chosen for the Diocese, such as communitarian spirituality, integral human development, poor, youth, inter religious dialogue and ecumenism which enable us to live out our faith and reach out to others.” he said.

He also thanked the Bishop for his role in inspiring and supporting the integration of the 4 churches of City Parish (OLS, SFX, SJB, AC), in the heart of the city into one parish. Finally, on behalf of everyone, he wish the Bishop happy retirement and was glad to note that he will still be near to our parish, as he is going to reside at SFX parish house.

Bishop Selva made a brief speech to thank everyone for their support to him in the last 29 years and called on the people to also support the new bishop. He hope that the confirmands will go all out to be witnesses of faith.

The celebration continued after Mass, in the hall with a fellowship, where everyone were invited. The confrimands presented two songs and later on, thanked the Bishop for presiding over the Sacrament of Confirmation for them. Gift bags and Certificates of Confirmation from the parish were then presented to the confirmands by the Bishop.

– by Lucia Lai

Photos at Facebook album


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