PDYD 2 Cross reaches City Parish

PENANG  (Herald Malaysia):   After 1,800 km journey across the five states of the Diocese of Penang, the Penang Diocesan Youth Day II (PDYD 2) cross finally arrived at City Parish. The City Parish was the last stop for the parish-level celebrations to welcome the Cross and Icon. The fun-filled event was celebrated on September 1 at the school canteen of the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

About 40 youths from the parish attended the celebration. Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, the parish priest who is also the director of the Penang Diocesan Youth Network (PDYN) was there together with his PDYN team to facilitate, assist and support the celebration. A solemn ceremony was held to welcome the PDYD 2 Cross and Icon into the school canteen at the beginning of the celebration.

Bro Kevin Eruthayanathan gave a session focusing on the theme Come and See. He spoke on the main issues faced by the youth especially in attending church events. He challenged the youths to be agents of change and be witnesses to the faith. He also invites the youths to be active and committed in their life for the glory of God.

Throughout the celebration, there were games and songs which the youths enjoyed. Joshua and the SFX youths lead the Praise and Worship session. A promotion on PDYD 2 was done by Edwina Edwin. She gave the youths an overview of the four-day programme (November 16-19) and encouraged them to be part of this grand celebration.

The parish-level celebration was then ended with a multi-lingual sunset Mass celebrated by Fr Dominic and animated by the youths. During the Mass, Fr Dominic encouraged all parishioners to be part of PDYD 2. The Cross and Icon was also brought in and presented during the offertory. A PDYD 2 booth was set up by the youths after mass for registration and selling of the PDYD 2 T-shirts.

On the next day, September 2, the PDYD 2 Cross and Icon was brought on a journey across the four churches of City Parish, in which it was brought in and presented during the offertory at the respective churches. It began at Church of St. John Britto before proceeding to Assumption Church, Church of Our Lady of Sorrows and ended at Church of St. Francis Xavier.

As the closing date for the registration is drawing near, all the youths of the Diocese of Penang are invited to take up the opportunity to register for PDYD 2. Let us all experience “Rejoice in the Lord always!”

For more information on PDYD 2, Visit PDYN Blog  Like:  PDYD2 FB Page

– By Aaron Lim and Margaret Yoong

(taken from Herald of 6 Oct. 2012)


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