Changes in time of Masses next weekend (17 & 18 Nov)

Please take note that due to the PDYD 2 celebration to be held next weekend (16 – 19 Nov), there will be a lot of changes in the time of Masses in the churches in our parish. The following are the changes. You can refer to the changes to by downloading our parish bulletin.

a)  Saturday, 17 Nov

–  PDYD 2 Eucharistic Adoration will be held at OLS church and Assumption church from 5.00pm to 8.00pm… because of this there will be NO Sunset Mass at OLS Church and Assumption church. Instead, the sunset Mass will be held at SFX church at 6.30pm, and before the Mass, there will be Novena at 6.00pm.

–  PDYD 2 Marian Fest in Mandarin will be held at OLS church from 9.30pm to 10.30pm. There will be Rosary, candle-light procession, followed by Benediction.

b)   Sunday, 18 Nov

–  at SJB church, Mass in Tamil will be as usual at 8.00am

–  at OLS church, the Mass at 8.30am and Tagalog Mass at 11.30am  will be canceled but there will be Mass in Mandarin at 11.00am.

–  at Assumption church, the 10.00am Mass is moved to 11.00am.

–  at SFX church, apart from the usual 6.00pm Mass, there will be a morning Mass at 8.30am.


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