Word of God, Worship, Witnessing and Celebration is City Parish’s 2013 focus

12607_512248648795734_752099938_nPENANG (Herald Malaysia): In line with the Year of Faith, City Parish will focus on Word of God, Worship, Witnessing and Celebration come 2013.


“Let us hear the Word of God, worship together as a family of faith, witness to the love of God and celebrate his presence in our midst,” said Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, the parish priest of City Parish during the Parish Pastoral Assembly held on 25 Nov at the Assumption Church hall.

The Assembly began with a Praise & Worship session, followed by John Dass’ welcoming speech as the chairman of Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). John was glad to see many leaders present and remarked that we are all called and chosen by God. He hoped that we would put in more commitment next year and recruit at least two or three members.

Joyce Lee, the PPC secretary then presented a summary of the evaluation of the parish. The evaluation was based on the feedback from twenty-seven per cent of BECs and 78 per cent of Service Groups.

Prior to the Assembly, the groups were given a form to evaluate their BECs/groups. They were also asked to evaluate whether they had achieved the pastoral thrust at the penisular level, diocesan level and parish level. Finally they were asked for suggestions on how to improve City Parish as a parish community and on how to celebrate the Year of Faith to enhance the faith life of parishioners.

The Finance Committee took over when Christopher Kushi, the secretary presented the financial report.

This was followed by a sharing by Fr Dominic on the parish focus for the year 2013. Fr Dominic elaborated on the Word of God, Worship, Witnessing, and Celebration.

“We hope by the end of 2013, there will be a ‘one person, one Bible’ policy in our parish. Bible reflection groups should be set up. All meetings and events must start with the Word of God and reflection,” said Fr Dominiic.

“Worship will concentrate on liturgical formation and our main parish event – the 125th anniversary of OLS church. In witnessing, I hope that all ministries will reach out to others. We will continue with the annual Corpus Christi procession along the streets. We should encourage pilgrimage too as a form of witnessing. The Assumption church has been picked as a pilgrimage church for the Year of Faith.”

Fr Dominic also proposed that birthdays, anniversaries, feast-days, baptism dates of parishioners be celebrated on every first Sunday of the month, followed by blessing.

The parish event in 2013, is the 125th Anniversary of OLS Church. For the social event, the Parish Animating Team has come up with five suggestions, which were offered to the assembly. ‘Barbecue and games’ was picked.

The Assembly ended with a Q&A session, followed by dinner. — By Lucia Lai

Note:  For the photos, please visit our Facebook page.

(published in the Herald of 20 Dec. 2012)


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