Prayer request from Bishop

14th May 2013

Dear Fathers, Sisters and Brothers and Heads of Ministries,

Re: Request for prayers


I received information from Fr. Lawrence Andrews regarding the case of the use of the word “Allah” by Christians. We are aware that this case has not had a final decision and I would like to request for your prayers for the hearing of the same case which will resume in the Appeal Court on Thursday, 23rd May, 2013. Let us together as one Church pray that the freedom of expression of our faith be not prevented nor controlled in our context in Malaysia.

Secondly, on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi that falls on the 2nd June, 2013, the Holy Father will preside over a special Eucharistic adoration that will extend at the same time all over the world involving the cathedrals and parishes in each diocese. For an hour, at 5pm (Rome time), the whole world will be united in prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Since for our local time it would be11pm which may not be conducive for our people, I suggest that together with your parishioners you may decide on a more suitable time at Corpus Christi for the same intentions. Or parishes that may want to follow the exact time for the adoration at 11pm may do so in union with the whole Church.

Wishing you all the fullness of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost!

United in prayers,

Rt. Rev. Sebastian Francis Bishop of Penang

(Download  Request for Prayers)


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  1. Dear Brother and Sister,
    My name is Sangeetha. I have an urgent prayer request, i recently get married, my husband name Natarajan, we married 1 week only, my husband beat me listen to his parents , and follow his parents, always talk bad about my family members, and now im working, he ask me to resign my job and stay in his mom house as a maid, pls really need all your prayers, we are newly married only, their parents and his relatives want to separate us, my husband many times ask divorce from me because of his parents. Please pray for me and save my marital life, i and my husband wanna separate from his parents and stay away from all the evil peoples, pls pray for us, i want lead a happy marital life with my husband, Please change my husband heart and make him love me so much, please pray for us. now coz of his parents, he said don’t want to give baby to me coz of his parents, and blackmailed me dont go see my parents all, pls pray for me and my husband, we want go separately, now im finding house in different state Penang, i want my husband to follow me go Penang and lead happy married life….dear sisters and brothers, pls pray for me and save my marriage. don’t mention my name.Praise to Jesus Christ. Thank you.

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