City Parish women organise pilgrimage to two pilgrim churches

pilgrimageThe Women’s Group of City Parish organized a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Name of Mary, Permatang Tinggi, Penang and the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Tanjung Malim, Perak on May 1.

These two churches are two of the three designated as pilgrim churches in the Diocese of Penang for the Year of Faith.

Forty-four parishioners of different ages, left early in the morning in a chartered bus.

Their first stop was at the Church of the Holy Name of Mary. The parish priest, Fr Augustine Wong eagerly welcomed them as they alighted from the bus. He gathered them inside the church and proceeded to explain about the church’s history, architecture, and the statues and stained windows inside the church.

He was proud that the church still retained its old character.

When City Parish pilgrims arrived in Tanjung Malim, they first went for lunch at a restaurant recommended by the parish priest, Fr Anthony Pillai. Fr Pillai and a few members of the church’s pilgrimage organizing team were waiting at the restaurant to warmly greet them.

After lunch Fr Pillai celebrated Mass for the pilgrims. They were joined by the parish organizing team members and several university students. These students formed the choir to play the organ and sing at the Mass.

In Fr Pillai’s homily, referring to the first reading, he reminded us that God is our creator and we are all co-builders. As May 1 is also Workers Day, he linked it to ‘co-builders’ as workers, like everyone present, who are in one way or another, workers.

He said that although many of us were not working that day, there were others who were working.

“All of us, as workers, benefit from others who are workers,” he said. “It’s mutual. However, we must be aware that the success of our work comes from the Lord, as the responsorial psalm tells it to us (‘Give success to the works of our hands, O Lord’). Be like Jesus Christ – serve, work, and bring joy to others.”

The congregation renewed their baptismal vows after the homily, followed by the blessing with holy water by Fr Pillai.

At the end of the Mass, Fr Pillai introduced members of his parish pilgrimage organizing team, and thanked the students for joining in the Mass. Finally he thanked the pilgrims for making the journey to his church.

Mrs Diane Kingham, the chairperson of the organizing team gave a short speech, to thank the pilgrims.

Ms Regina Anthony, the chairperson of the Women’s Fellowship then presented a token of appreciation to Fr Pillai.

– by Lucia Lai
Herald 26 May 2013

NOTE:   For photos, please visit our Facebook photo album page.


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