Living a fruitful life

12Sixty four parishioners of different ages were at the YMCA Penang on 6 July 2013, to learn how to live their lives fruitfully with wisdom.

The talk, from 9.00am to 4.00pm was organized by City Parish, Penang and conducted by Mr Johann Gregory, a young, energetic professional speaker, from City Parish. With his witty style and sense of humour, he made the whole session very interesting and fun for the people.

He began first by laying out the crucial foundation that gets us to a life of wisdom. First, he said, we have to have the fear of the Lord – the basic foundation. This include devoting time for prayer and reading of the Word of God. This is then followed by a process of giving up time to listen, learn, discover and not only applying what you had learned but also shared what you had learned.

“This will take you to your goal of a successful live,” Johann said “but remember with the fear of the Lord as you basic foundation, you must always do things the right, just and fair way to get to the top.”

Johann used the book of Proverbs extensively to back up his talk on ‘Wisdom at Work’ and ‘The Winning Attitude’

“Proverbs 1:2-3 teaches us wisdom and discipline. It helps us to understand the insights of the wise, and to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives to help them do what is right, just and fair.”

 He reminded the people that the book of Proverbs also stated that we should not ever partake in bribery in our lives (Prov 17:23. 29:4).

 It is important to have a good reputation and he laid out these seven qualities that promote success and a good reputation:

1. Godliness (Righteousness)

2. Hating what is false

3. Committing all work to the Lord

4. Using words with restraint; being even-tempered

5. Acquiring wisdom and cherishing understanding

6. Humility and Fear of the Lord

7. Willingness to confess and forsake sin

 There were many opportunities for group sharing during the course of his talk.

 Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, parish priest of City Parish was present during the whole session.

 Towards the end, Fr Dominic listed out six new groups to be formed in the parish. The participants were given a choice to commit to any of the newly formed groups – Formation Group, Prayer Group, Bible Sharing Team, Health Team, Out-reach Team and Welcoming Committee. They went together under the groups they were interested in and had their first meeting.  – by Lucia Lai

(taken from Herald, 28 July 2013)

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