Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and 125th Anniversary

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olsfeatThis year, the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, apart from celebrating its feast-day, also celebrates the 125 anniversary of the establishment of the Church.

The feast-day celebration was held from 12 Sept. to 15 Sept. Day 1, 12 Sept focus on youth, day 2 on healing, day 3 on family and the feast-day on 15 Sept, on the nation.

The first day Mass on 12 Sept, was celebrated by Fr Aloysius Tan. The Mass was in English and Chinese.

In Fr Aloysius’ homily, he mentioned that all the three readings served as a benchmark for OLS parishioners to live as true disciples of Jesus Christ during their 125th anniversary.

He pointed out that in the Gospel, there are three main key points that will guide us to live an authentic life as Christ’s disciples. They are be good, be generous and be compassionate.

He proceeded to explain on these three virtues in details, then as the Mass focus on the youth, he specially mentioned that the youth should learn to be good, generous and compassionate towards one another, but most important of all to learn to love and serve.

There was a blessing of youth after the post-communion prayer.

On the second day of the Triduum, 13 Sept, the Mass (English and Tamil) was celebrated by Fr Arul Mariadass OFM from Johor and the focus was on healing

Fr Arul told the congregation that although we are all sinful people, yet Jesus invites us to reconciliation with him. He also referred to the parable of the sower and his seeds, and said that we should be like the fertile land, where the seeds fall and grow – we absorb the Word of God and let our faith grow.

He then said that we must always pray for the sick as God always have the intention to heal the sick, not only physically but mentally as well.

“When people ask for healing, they also want strength. Healing comes in the form of strength. Pray for healing and the strength that comes after.” he said.

There was a healing and anointing session later on, and after  Mass ended, a short Eucharistic procession round the church, followed.

The third day Triduum on 14 Sept was also celebrated by Fr Arul, with the focus on the family.

The congregation were reminded that . God had sent his only son, Jesus to save us.  Jesus is the heavenly King who came to save us

When he touched on the family, he said that whenever we have family problem, we should always pray to God. We must experience God and allow Him to move in us, to feel Him in our relationship with each other.

The feast-day Mass on 15 Sept. was celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Antony Selvanayagam, together with Fr Arul and parish priest, Fr Dominic.

Bishop said that all the three readings of the day are relevant to bring up the message for the church’s 125th anniversary.

“The message is that God has spoken to us. He wants to relate to us. His ways may not be your way but if you want to go to Him, you have to listen to him. In knowing God, you will then realize who you are.”

In referring to the 2nd reading, where St Paul urged Timothy to preach the Good News, Bishop said that we are all call to preach the Good News.

He then said that if we want to be saved by God, we only have to look at the person of Jesus, who accepted everyone, even sinners.

Moving on to the church’s 125 anniversary, he urged the people to make this year, a milestone for the church – to remember all those who had shaped the church for the past 125 years into what it is now.

“They were the one who helped to keep the parish going, and keep the faith going thought their service. They had handed down their service and faith to you now. Rekindle the faith and service they shared.”

As the feast’s theme focus on the nation, Bishop called on everyone to pray for the nation.

After the post-communion prayer, there was a long service award ceremony where 62 parishioners who had served the parish for  many years, were presented with a medal pin and a certificate.

Fr Dominic then gave a short speech  to thank everyone. He hope that everyone will solder on as army of Jesus Christ for another 25 years.

Bishop and Fr Arul were presented with a ‘goody bag’ which consist of OL 125 anniversary souvenirs.

The souvenirs for the anniversary were t-shirt in 3 colours, umbrella, recycled shopping bag, cap and coin with the parish logo and anniversary theme. – by Lucia Lai

Note:   Click on these links for photo album of the feast celebration and the souvenirs.


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