When you received Jesus, you will be reunited with Him


The Herald, 1 December 2013

Twenty-one children from City Parish received their First Holy Communion on Nov 10 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Penang.

Each child received a bag filled with gifts. Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, the parish priest, explained about each of the gifts to the children.

The first gift was the crucifix. Fr Dominic told the children that the crucifix with the figure of Jesus on it, is to let them focus on Jesus Christ, who had revealed to us God the Father and had sent us the Holy Spirit.

“You will find a little book – the Daily Gospel,” said Fr Dominic, “The Word of God is about your own faith. How do you live your faith? Through listening, seeing, touching, action and love. Today you are going to receive Jesus Christ; you will get to touch and feel him in you.”

“Next is the rosary. Mother Mary, mother of Jesus, is our mother too. Mother Mary prays for you. I invite you to pray the rosary daily. When you pray the rosary, it’s like reading the Gospel. You will also find in the green bag, a copy of the parish bulletin and the HERALD. You are here on earth and you live your life in the world with Jesus Christ, with the community, so you must know what’s happening. Read the parish bulletin and the HERALD to know what’s happening. Being aware of what’s happening around you, will make you pray.”

Finally, Fr Dominic said that the green bag with the parish logo, represents the four Churches in the parish. “There are four churches but only one parish – one local community in the parish. The four churches are ‘united in Christ’ and today when you receive Jesus Christ, you will be united with Him.”
– by Lucia Lai

Note:  All photos can be view at our Facebook photo album.


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