City Parish distributes RM26K to Typhoon Haiyan victims

The Herald
29 Dec 2013

City Parish distributes RM26K to Typhoon Haiyan victims

1457686_689859367701327_1743096817_nCity Parish reached out to the victims of the disastrous typhoon Haiyan in Philippine through direct donations to individuals who were affected by the tragedy.

The donations came from the Sunday Mass collection, plus some well-wishers. The Mass collection donations was supposed to be handed over to the Diocese of Penang but parish priest, Fr Dominic Santhiyagu, had written to the Diocese for permission to give the collection from his parish as a direct donation since his parish has a Filipino community.

An announcement was made in church during the Mass, for the Filipinos to apply for the cash aid. Eleven persons responded and the total amount of RM26,000 was divided among them.

Nilda (right) and Pacita (left)

Nilda (right) and Pacita (left)

Those whose houses were totally damaged received RM2,600 each, while those whose houses were partly damaged, received RM1,000 each.

The handing-over of the cash donations was made on 1 Dec. during the Tagalog Mass. Members from the parish Finance Committee presented the donations to the 11 Filipinos.

One of them was Nilda Bernal Nafiab, 44 years old, working as a domestic helper for five years in Penang. Her house where her mother stayed, in Tacoblan, was totally destroyed and needed re-building. Her mother is now staying with her brother, who has 3 siblings, and whose house was partly damaged. She hoped that the generous donations from the parish would help her family in also paying for food and medicine Pacita Esplanada, 52, domestic helper for nine years, said that her hometown in Burauen was hit worse than Tacoblan city. 90 per cent of the houses in Barauen were totally wiped out.

Both Nilda and Pacita were very grateful to Fr Dominic and the parish for their generous donations, which brought much relief to them and their families.

Note:  Article in Citizen Journalist Malaysia

(Photos at Facebook photo album)


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