The Holy Spirit empowers us in our lives

The Herald
10 August 2014

By Aaron Lim

campConfirmation Day, the City Parish Catechetical Committee organized a camp for 11 confirmands of the English speaking group. It was held from July 18 to July 20 at the Assumption Formation Centre.

There were many who came to facilitate this camp, including Nancy Victor, Francis Xavier and Rosalind Victor from the Catechetical Committee, together with Reikce Kathrin, Benedict Anand and Arokiadass. The topics focused on the basics of our Catholic faith, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The sessions were a mind opener as the facilitators encouraged the confirmands to know themselves better as children of God, and to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They reminded them that as they receive Confirmation, they should take responsibility for the faith and heed God’s call. They also learnt that the Church has an important role to play in society, and were urged to live a better Christian life.

Fr Nelson Chitty, the parish priest, also spoke on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He explained to the confirmands the importance of going for confession, and reminded them that as God is ever merciful and forgiving, they must let go of their past faults and continue life without regrets. After the session, confession was heard by Fr Nelson.

The confirmands were all in high spirits after the camp, as they strengthened their commitment to defend the faith and to continue the mission that Christ has entrusted to them. They were all energized as they eagerly wait to receive confirmation. Special thanks go to all the catechists and youth members of the parish who helped out throughout the entire camp.


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