Bible Sunday celebration at City Parish


26 July 2015

By Aaron Lim

There were cheers and laughter after each performance by the little ones during the Bible Sunday celebrations organized by the City Parish Catechetical Committee.

Colouring contests and essay competitions had been held for the primary school children a week earlier on July 5. The children wrote stories, and coloured images of events from the Bible.

As for the secondary school children, they had choral speaking and skit performances for the huge crowd of parishioners who gathered to watch them in action after Sunday morning Mass on July 12 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Event coordinators Josephine Gilbert and Carol Maria had undertaken the mammoth task of gathering the children together with the other catechists for this event.

Josephine said the competitions saw a positive response from the children. Some children had even memorized their performance scripts.

“They put in more effort when it comes to competition compared to class activities,” she said.

Specially invited judges determined the winners for each category. Prizes were given out for the winners of each competition, courtesy of the parish.

Catechist Rosalind Victor said she was touched by the children’s hard work for their contest entries, especially in the essay writing competition.

“Some of the children may not have good handwriting or proper grammar, but they knew Jesus by writing stories of Him and all the parables,” she said.

Parish priests Fr Nelson Chitty and Fr Joachim Robert were also present at the event. They said the final prayer, before closing this successful event.


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