Make sure you are on the right side of Christ, confirmands urged

4 September 2015

By Lucia Lai

Twenty-three candidates from City Parish received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Feast of the Assumption Eucharistic Celebration on Aug 16 at Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Concelebrating with Bishop Sebastian were parish priest, Fr Nelson Chitty and assistant parish priest, Fr Joachim Robert. In his homily, Bishop Sebastian pointed out that, to appreciate the first reading, we must engage all our senses, particularly our imagination.

“There was the dragon and the dragon was about to eat the baby,” he said. “… but did the dragon eat the baby? No! Instead we heard a cry from Heaven, exclaiming victory and power. Mary is seated at the right hand of the Father. She is not here anymore but at the right hand of the Father and she continues to do for us what she always does — intercede for us.”

He then highlighted that the second reading spoke a lot on the end. The end is when Christ hands over his kingdom to his Father, and he hoped that all of us would be part of the Kingdom.

“When the end comes, everything worldly will be destroyed — power, corruption, violence, domination and the last enemy to be destroyed will be death.” Bishop Sebastian said. “Remember, your last enemy is not people that you can’t forgive; your last enemy is death. The reading says that God will put all enemies under his feet, so it is not for you to judge people. You can challenge and criticize people but, ultimately, let God judge them when he puts them under his feet.”

He warned us to make sure that when we conquer our last enemy — death — we will be sitting by the Father’s side and not under his feet.

“So make sure you are on the right side when Christ hands over his Kingdom to his Father.”

He made a brief reference to the gospel reading, pointing out the Magnificat, which is an evergreen prayer of joy and total surrender.

The Year of Mercy logo was then shown to all as he explained that the icon of Jesus shows he is carrying all of us.

“Christ wants to carry each one of you who is troubled or confused through the door of mercy. Put aside your pride and allow him to carry you.”

He said the world needs to experience Christ’s mercy and pointed out that mercy must come first, before justice. There will be no justice without mercy.

He also informed that the Diocese has designated three churches with the ‘Door of Mercy.’

The confirmands received their certificates from the Bishop at the hall after Mass, followed by fellowship with their teachers and family.

NOTE:  For all photos, please visit our Facebook album.


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