Feastday celebrated with Mass in BECs

4 October 2015
By Aaron Lim

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in City Parish was celebrated in a different tone this year. Instead of the usual triduum Masses, the parish priests decided to bring the feastday to the homes — through Masses in the BECs.
The various BEC zones responded readily towards the call of the parish. For the first two weeks of September, Fr Nelson Chitty (parish priest) and Fr Joachim Robert (assistant parish priest) visited each zone to celebrate Mass with the parishioners.

At every Mass, parishioners were given a devotion book and the Seven Sorrows Rosary. The rosary, in honour of Our Lady of Sorrows, was recited after every Mass, to remind all of Mary’s sufferings.

Fr Joachim said that this was aimed at helping parishioners rediscover the history of OLS Church while introducing them to the devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows.

All these culminated with a Multi-Lingual Feastday Mass on September 20. The hazy Sunday morning did not deter crowds from thronging the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows for this auspicious occasion.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr Joachim Robert, together with Fr Nelson Chitty and Fr Michael Thoo as concelebrants. The various language groups of City Parish came together as one family to coordinate the Mass.

Fr Joachim preached that a mother’s love is the foundation of the human spirit. When the mother carries a child, ‘they are one’.

He also said that a mother’s suffering during labour turns to joy when a new life is born, and the mother would closely watch and guide the child from infancy to maturity.

“No matter how old a child may be, a mother’s love will never end,” he said while pointing out that the Passion of Jesus is closely linked to our Sorrowful Mother. He also mentioned that it is always painful when seeing loved ones suffer.

“But through sorrows, we are able to transform and grow, and this makes us better people and prepares us for something better,” he said while adding that Christian life is not only about being happy, but also about sorrows that lead to joy.

He also touched on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, highlighting the fact that Mary stood by Jesus amid difficulties. “When we give our all to God, amid the challenges faced and being ridiculed, do we say no or choose to be like Mary?” he asked.

(For more photos, please visit our Facebook album page.)


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