The spirit of Taize connects youth with God

25 October 2015
by Aaron Lim

Taize is about settling one’s self in the word of God, through chanting in quietness. It is the name of a town in France, and this form of prayer has spread throughout the world with people conducting it in various languages.

It was the idea of parish priest Fr Nelson Chitty, to bring Taize into City Parish, after viewing a video presentation of that prayer. He approached Fr Eugene Benedict from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, and invited his team to organize the prayer session here.

Fr Eugene, who is also parish priest at the Church of St Theresa, Nilai, said that, as one chants the word of God repeatedly, one can find rest and encounter His word and presence. “The Word is the centre of our lives and the Church,” he said.

“The spirit of Taize spreads all over the world, we want to transform our lives through Taize, which is word-centred,” said Fr Eugene, while encouraging those who are interested to search for Taize chants online and participate in such prayers.

Fr Eugene also mentioned that the 55 member choir was formed by combining his team from KL and the community here, which includes students from USM and the Dental Training College. He hopes that those who have experienced Taize may continue to spread it in the parish.

The choir practised hard to prepare for this prayer session. Choir member Jaclay John said that though it requires a lot of commitment, everything went beautifully and it was a wonderful experience altogether.

The evening Taize prayer, with adoration, was held on Oct 10 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows. The choir also animated the Sunday morning Mass on Oct 11, which was celebrated by Fr Joachim Robert (assistant parish priest) and concelebrated with Fr Eugene.

Those who came over the weekend felt the presence of God through the prayers. “Very often, people are ignorant of the word of God, but Taize helps people pray using His word,” said Bishop Emeritus Antony Selvanayagam who was also present.

Magdalene Chuah said that the whole church felt vibrant and joyful. “Just imagine, by chanting simple verses repeatedly, you can experience the depth of peace and joy in you,” she said.

Gilbert Philip said that Taize helped him deepen his relationship with God. “It connects the soul and spirit, and is a very Catholic experience” said Justin Sum, who remarked that this was his first time attending Taize.

NOTE:  You can watch the 30 seconds video here at our Facebook page.


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