Excited to receive Christ for the first time

20 November 2015
By Aaron Lim

“Remember to feel the same excitement you feel today, each time you receive Christ!” This was the message by Fr Joachim Robert, assistant parish priest of the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows (City Parish), to the 11 communicants who received Christ for the first time in their lives.

They had earlier prepared themselves at a camp, while the Sacrament of Reconciliation was ministered to them by Fr Nelson Chitty, the parish priest.

November 8 was the day they had been eagerly waiting for. The morning Mass was celebrated by Fr Joachim and concelebrated with Fr Arul Mariadass, OFM.

During the homily, Fr Joachim preached on the gospel reading  of the day, where the poor widow contributed more than she could towards the treasury.

“God’s love reaches out to the least, the lost and the vulnerable,” said Fr Joachim, referring to how Elijah encountered the poor widow and her son from the first reading.

Fr Joachim also touched on today’s human realities with faith. “Just look at our own lives! If everything is sufficient, we value God; but we encounter God only when we are at the lowest point of our lives,” he said.

“Abundance comes from the willingness to offer, just like the widow in the Gospel, who gave even though she had nothing to offer,” said Fr Joachim, referring to the Second Letter of St Paul from Corinthians  11:30, “I will boast of the things that show my weakness.”

The children were also reminded to share the enthusiasm of receiving Jesus with others. “Give your lives to Christ in your nothingness and let Him take charge, just as how Christ died and willingly gave Himself for you,” he said to them.

“Be bearers of joy by sharing the faith with others,” said Fr Joachim while urging the children to keep their focus on Jesus, instead of material possessions and worldly pleasures, which will distract them from drawing closer to Christ.

Fr Joachim thanked all the dedicated catechists who had guided the first communicants. Later the children received their certificates.

NOTE:  For photos, please visit our Facebook photo album.


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