Eucharist and confession goes hand in hand

19 June 2016
By Lucia Lai

CCAbout 1,200 people braved the rain in a walk of faith with the Blessed Sacrament during the Feast of Corpus Christi on May 29. The procession, after the Eucharistic Celebration, is an annual event organised by City Parish, Penang.

The Eucharistic Celebration in four languages, with the theme The Eucharist is a Gift of God’s Mercy began at 5.30pm at the Church of the Assumption.

The main celebrant was Fr Dias Anthony, a Missionary of Mercy from India. Joining him were parish priest, Fr Nelson Chitty, assistant parish priest, Fr Joachim Robert, Fr Francis Anthony, Fr Gerrard Theraviam and Fr Edmund Woon.

In his homily, Fr Dias said that the presence of everyone in church showed that they believe strongly in the Eucharist, and when we believe, miracles will happen.

“There is already a miracle in the Eucharist — when the bread and wine are turned into the body and blood of Christ.”

He then asked, “When you come to the Eucharist, and Christ asks you for a gift, what would you give? You must give something that is your own. If you believe you have all good things, offer them to him… but Jesus also needs your sinfulness. You have to offer your sinfulness to Jesus in the Eucharist as a gift and He will turn that into something beautiful and return it to you.”

He said that when we offer our sinfulness to Christ, he will turn it into a blessing for us, and that will be a gift to us from Christ.

He then encouraged the parishioners to attend Mass everyday as the Eucharist has a strong power over us and we should receive the Eucharist to be uplifted by that power. However, before we receive the Eucharist, we must be cleansed first. Thus, confession and the Eucharist go hand-in-hand.

“Be cleansed, then receive the Eucharist — if you reach out to the Eucharist, your mind will be peaceful. Let us ask God to give us this attachment to the Eucharist.”

After Mass, the Blessed Sacrament was transferred to a mini lorry decorated with fresh flowers. Parishioners, with lighted candles, singing hymns and praying the rosary, followed behind. There were three stops along the 2km route for blessing, and despite the rain, many people knelt on the wet road in reverence to the Blessed Sacrament as it was lifted up.

When the procession reached the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Fr Joachim carried the Blessed Sacrament for veneration.

NOTE:   photos of the celebration can be found here.


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