Strive towards living the Christian life faithfully

20 November 2016
Strive towards living the Christian life faithfully

By Aaron Lim
15134287_10205734291076392_1763703114_nTen children from City Parish received Holy Communion for the very first time, witnessed by their parents, catechists and almost 1,000 parishioners.

The morning Mass on November 6 was celebrated by assistant parish priest Fr Joachim Robert at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Fr Joachim touched on the readings of the day in his homily. He said that the readings remind us of the hope and the assurance that we will be united with God after death.

He referred to the first reading from the Book of Maccabees, where the seven brothers and their mother persevered in faith, despite being persecuted.

“They knew their God was alive and with them, so they did not give up,” said Fr Joachim, while calling on everyone to take their faith seriously.

He said that, as Christians, the journey on Earth may be filled with many challenges but, ultimately, “God showers us with His mercy and love.”

Fr Joachim also urged everyone to strive towards living the Christian life faithfully on Earth, so as to be reunited with God one day.

“Jesus has shown us the way of living our lives and, even after death, He continues to be with us, especially through the Eucharist,” he said.

Fr Joachim spoke briefly about the Eucharist, and assured the children that they, too, will experience the love of God through Holy Communion.

“Jesus comes to nourish our spiritual lives as we strive towards our ultimate destination which is eternal life,” said Fr Joachim.

“We need to have the same enthusiasm each time we receive Christ, and the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us while the Lord strengthens all our good works,” he said.

Fr Joachim then ended his homily by asking the congregation to “pray for the grace to become God’s agents of love.”

Before Mass ended, the ten children presented an action song and dance, as an act of praise and thanksgiving to God.

Fr Joachim then presented the certificates and thanked the catechists who had guided the children. Fellowship was held at the hall after Mass.

NOTE:  To view all photos, please visit our Facebook photo album.


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