Parishioners are invited to participate in the BEC gatherings. If you are not  sure of your BEC Groups, please check below the respective areas and contact the  BEC leaders or the Secretariat.  We have 3 zones  – South,  Central and North.

If you are not sure which BEC you come under, please check below. Names and contact of leaders are also found below.


C1:  Leader – Christine Choong Tel:  2267120
Jln Penang, Jln Macalister,  Jln Burmah, Jln Pangkor
C2:  Leader – Mary  Tan Tel: 8905166
Jln Perak, Jln Dato Kramat, Jln Anson, Jln Macalister
C3:  Leader – Amy Saw  Tel: 2291043
General Hospital, Jln Dato Kramat, Jln Macalister
C4:  Leader – Alexender Selvam Tel. 016-4716359
Gat Lebuh Macallum, Jln Gurdwara, Jln S.P. Chelliah

SOUTH ZONES (6 areas)

S1 & S2:  Leader – Paul Manikam Tel:  016-4331526
S1:  Jln. Sg. Pinang, Jln Sungai, Lintang Sg Pinang, Nusantara
S2:  Jln. Petani, Jln. Sungai, Jln. Perak, Jln. Vertinary
S3 & S4: Leader – Maria Pushparany  Tel: 6582057
S3:  East Jelutong, Jln Bagan Serai, Jln. Perak
S4:  West Jelutong, Bkt Dumbar, Lintang Jelutong, Lorong Jelutong
S5:  Leader – Josephine Leow  Tel: 016-4305444
Tmn.  Free School, Jln Perak, Halaman Krystal, Jln. Van Praagh
S6:  Leader – Charles Saveridass Tel. 016-4212565
Caunter Hall, Jln. Rawang, Jln. Gemas

NORTH ZONES (to be updated later)

  1. can the south zones leader be changed

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