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City Parish, Penang
33 Macalister Road
10400 Penang

Tel:  04 – 2261502 / 2293431
Fax:  04 – 2284519

Location map under Google (for directions), can be found here:  (Church of Our Lady of Sorrows) (Church of St Francis Xavier) (Church of the Assumption) (Church of St John Britto)

  1. Hi, may I know the Palm Sunday mass timings for Saturday 25th March for each church? Thanks.

  2. Jeremiah Antony

    Hi May I know Mass timing for Good Friday?

  3. Dairnie Petrus

    Hello.. how to enter the sunday class for my son..? My son is 12 years now..


    • Please contact the parish office, either by phone or go to personally. Most probably, you have to register your son, so you got to go to the office anyway.

  4. I have been trying to get info for mass times for Church of Immaculate Conception, for NewYear week end.

    think website for Church of Immaculate Conception, P Tikus has been hacked by ICC Penang
    someone offering quality wood polishing services.
    facebook postings stops at Dec 25. nothing after that.

  5. Hello, I am trying to trace some some of my long-lost relations. They used to attend your c
    C hurch in the early 20th century. Their NAMES would have been in your BAPTISM Register and also in your MARRIAGE Register.. Please contact me by Email. Thanks.

    • Hi Colin

      Can you please contact the parish with the request that you need? The parish email is stated above (anyway, it is

      Thank you.

      • Good luck with trying to get the information. I have been trying to obtain information about early settlers in Penang for my PhD thesis for around 3 years now with no success.

  6. Clara chow

    I would like to enquire on the requirements to hold a wedding in the St Francis Xavier Church. My son is a Malaysian catholic and would be bride is an Indonesian catholic. What are the formalities and or any documents required by the church? Thank you.

  7. grace lazaro

    good day! we are going on a cruise this december and we will be docked at the penang port on dec 25. may i know what church is near the port and if there are available mass schedules for christmas day?

    • Hi there. The nearest church to the port is the Church of the Assumption. You may check the address at the ‘About us’ link above. Yes, on Christmas day and Christmas eve, there will be a Mass. The time of the Masses will be known only at least a month before Christmas, but usually on Christmas eve, it is 9.00pm and Christmas day, it is 10.00am.

  8. Beatrice Yeoh

    I am going to Penang for All Souls Day. What is the time for mass at Western Rd Cemetary? Also any Mass at Francis Xavier or Assumption churches that day?

    • Beatrice, All Souls Day is not a day of obligation, so there will be no Mass for All Souls Day. However, if there is, usually, the Mass will be at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, the main church, and not Assumption or St Francis Xavier.

      It is still early for the parish to decide the time of Masses, if any, on All Souls Day (most probably no) and on All Saints Day. (but usually on All Saints Day, there will be Masses at all the 4 City Parish churches, since it is a day of obligation). Come back about 2 weeks before All Saints Day, to see if the time schedule is up.

      As for Mass at Western Rd cemetery, no, there will be no Mass at all at the cemetery, as with every year (since it is not a day of obligation) but there will be a short service, followed by blessing of graves.

  9. Nancy Lilly

    Hi Lucia! I have not heard back regarding my request for information on my Botelho/Botellho family. Please, please, please, respond. 😦 Thank you.

  10. Beatrice Yeoh

    We 3 Catholics visiting fr Singapore. What time us Ascencion Mass on May28/29? Hope there us sunset mass at Assumption near our hotel.

    • Can you please go to the parish bulletin link (can be seen on top menu) to download our bulletin for the time of Masses. Anyway, the direct link is here:

      Btw, which hotel are you staying? Is it the City Bayview? There is no sunset Mass for Ascension (not being a Sunday Mass) but a Mass at 12 noon at Assumption. The St Francis Xavier church is also nearby to the Assumption church and the Mass is at 7.00 pm.

  11. Nancy Lilly

    My family history quests leads me to Penang. My ancestor Eugene (Eugenio) Botelho/Botellho was born in 1790 in Penang to Nicolao and Catherina Botelho.. Does the Cathedral of the Assumption still retain baptism, marriage and burial records from 1785-1820? Thank you. Nancy Rixon Lilly

    • Hi Nancy, can you please send an email to the parish to find out? It would be good if you have the exact date, if not, at least the year, so that it is easy for the parish to check. Email your enquiry with the necessary information (as many and as exact as possible) to the parish at

  12. To Patrick Tung

    The Holy Week Schedule is already posted in our website. Did you not notice it when you came in to our website? As you came in to the main page with the url link, you can see the Holy Week schedule. You can click on it to save it.

    Alternatively, you can go to the parish bulletin page to download the bulletin, of which the Holy Week schedule is shown too.

    Hope this help.

    – from admin.

  13. Patrick Tung

    Dear Father in Christ

    I am Singapore traveling to Penang on to celebration Holy Week and wish to know
    the services time
    I hope your can forward

  14. Sharon Chua

    I will be in Penang on a business trip next week and would like to enquire on the Mass timings on 2 June 2011 at AC. Thank you.

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