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Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

English Masses: Contact Parish Office via email at or WhatsApp: 017-5992094
Mandarin Masses: Contact Mary Ch’ng (014-3057598) or Janice Ng (012-5583857)
Tamil Masses: Contact Benedict Anand (019-5751614) or Fatimah Mary (012-5480542)

Live streamed Masses are indicated as *
Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis. Registrations will close once full capacity is reached.

Holy Week Services

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedules


Holy Week Schedule

Please click on picture to download full size and keep for reference. Or  make sure you get a copy of the parish bulletin this week, where you can find the schedule (it was also in last week’s bulletin).

Try not to call the parish office to ask for the time. Thank you.


Holy Week Schedule


The Sacred Triduum: The Mystery of Faith

easter_triduumThe Easter Triduum begins today! The holiest season in our Catholic calendar. Don’t forget to attend all services during the Triduum.  Our parish schedule can be found here.

Here is a beautiful article on the Sacred Triduum, taken from Catholic Online, to be shared with all. Please do find time to read the whole article, until the end.  Read and reflect… and you will be better prepared to get involved in all the three days liturgies of the Service/Mass.

An interesting quote from the article:
Let us enter fully into the Sacred Triduum Liturgies. The Great Three Days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Invite Us into Heart of the Mystery of Faith.Let it Begin!


The Sacred Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. The Mystery of Faith

By Deacon Keith Fournier
from Catholic Online 

“Beginning with the Easter Triduum as its source of light, the new age of the Resurrection fills the whole liturgical year with its brilliance. Gradually, on either side of this source, the year is transfigured by the liturgy” (Catechism of the Catholic Church) .

CHESAPEAKE, VA (Catholic Online) – The Easter Triduum begins with the Vigil of Holy Thursday. It marks the end of the forty days of Lent and the beginning of the three-day celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday. The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council reminded us of the extraordinary significance of the Triduum : “Christ redeemed us all and gave perfect glory to God principally through his paschal mystery: dying he destroyed our death and rising he restored our life. Therefore the Easter Triduum of the passion and resurrection of Christ is the culmination of the entire liturgical year.” (General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar, # 18)

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Holy Week

HolyWeekWe begin Holy Week tomorrow – with the celebration of Our Lord’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem where he was welcomed by crowds worshipping him and laying down palm leaves before him.  This is known as Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday, and this Sunday is also consider still Lent period – the sixth (and last) Sunday of Lent.

Following Palm Sunday, we will then celebrate the ‘Easter Triduum’.   (A ‘triduum’ is a space of three days usually accompanying a church festival or holy days that are devoted to special prayer and observance).  The Easter Triduum consists of Holy/Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil/Sunday (sometimes known as ‘Holy Saturday’).

Read about the Holy Week on Catholic Online or google for it for some other source.

Don’t forget to attend all services during Holy Week. For the schedule in our parish, please refer to the earlier post, ‘Holy Week Schedule‘.

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