Mass time

For more accurate, current Mass time, please refer to our bulletin. You can access the bulletin via the ‘Parish bulletin’ menu on our homepage menu on top, or you can use the link here:
Parish bulletin

33 Macalister Road

Thursday & Friday – 6.00 pm (English)
Adoration after every Friday 6.00 pm Mass

Sunday Sunset Mass on Saturday:
5.15 pm Novena (English)
6.00 pm Mass (English)

8.30 am (English except 1st Sunday in Bahasa)
10.15 am (Mandarin)
11.45 am  (Tagalog)

3 Farguhar Street

10.00 am (English)

52K Penang Road

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – 12.30 pm (English)

6.00 pm (English)

139 Sungai Pinang Road

Sunday:  8.00 am (Tamil)

  1. Hi,
    Does Fr give time for confessions before Saturday sunset mass?


    • It usually depends on the priest. Sorry I’m not so sure but you can try to come earlier and check out if the priest is in the confessional room.

  2. Good day. Are we allowed to bring our baby for mass. Thanks

  3. Sorry for asking, may I know do we need to register for the seat for mass during this MCO? Thank you

    • Hi Matthew

      For normal Sunday Mass and daily Mass, you don’t have to register but try to be there early to make sure you get a seat. For special feast Mass, usually have to register. You can take a look at our bulletin for the news.

    • Hi. You can but please make sure the baby is carried (or in pram) by an adult all the time and maintain social distance too.

  4. zhou ai li

    are you open for public mass during ppn phase 4? what time for the english mass? thanks.

  5. What time are the Masses on Christmas Day?

    • The time of Masses for Christmas and New Year are stated clearly on our homepage. Please go to the main (front) homepage.

  6. Joshua James

    Hi there May I know is there any confession going on tomorrow?

  7. Hi i’d like to know what is the mass schedule for chirstmas eve and day 2019? Thanks

    • Hi Amelia, it’s still early to come out with the schedule. Watch out for announcement here, as when it is ready, we will post it up.

      • Hi Lucia,
        It’s already the 10th and we are from outstation that need to plan our movement. Are we any closer to getting the mass schedules for Christmas by any chance.

    • Amelia, can you please go to our Facebook page. The schedule is up there already. Or you can wait another 2 days (i.e. Thursday) and I will put up the schedule here. I wanted to put it up only after our Penitential Service (tomorrow – 11 Dec) is over.

      This is the link to our Facebook page:


    We’d like to attend mass at Church of the Assumption on Saturday, and visit the museum. Where can we find out the opening hours of the museum? We will be in Penang on 31 August.
    Thank you in advance for your reply,
    God Bless.

    • Hi there Karan Brenda Sng

      The museum opening time is 10.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and on Saturday it is 10.00am to 1.00pm. However, now because of the Missionary Year and the church being a pilgrimage church, on Saturday, it will close at 4.00pm.

  9. George Lee

    Good Friday 2019 will held any mass in the morning?

    • On Good Friday, there is NO Mass at all the churches. No Mass but just service. Good Friday service. Please go to the home page of this website and you will see the Mass/service schedule timing. Right on the first page. Also if you look at the right hand sidebar, there is a link for the holy week schedule.

  10. Is it possible fir me to go and check the date of my baptism? My name is Tan Patricia. My Date of birth is 11 September 1953.

  11. Hi, Tagalog Mass will be held at 11:30am every Sunday in Our Lady of Sorrows. It is confirm.Thanks

  12. Hi, is there Friday 12.30pm mass at St. Francis Xavier tomorrow (8th March 2019)?

    Thank you in advance for your kind information.

    • Sorry for the late reply but if you notice above for Mass time, under St Francis Xavier, it was stated, from Monday to Friday, there is Mass at 12.30pm, so yes, every Friday, there will be Mass at 12.30pm.

  13. Hi, where to get information on Ash Wednesday masses time?

    • Sorry for late reply but as you can see the Mass time for Ash Wednesday was posted up on 2 March on its homepage. Apology for too late reply as admin does not check the website daily. If in urgent need, please email or call parish. Thank you.

  14. Hai.. Is that 4th Sunday on June 23rd 2019? So, the Mass in Bahasa at 4.00 PM, right? I need to make a schedule for the mas in Penang. Thank you.

    • Hi. Yes, that is correct if 23 June is the 4th Sunday. However, it is better to check our website again near to June because sometimes, some other things might come out, and the Mass might be cancelled. Generally it will be on.

  15. Hello. Can you please let me know what time
    have a christmas mass decembr 24 ?

  16. What time is Christmas Eve mass at Assumption Church this year? (Dec 24, 2018)

  17. Hi, may i know whether St. Francis Xavier church still have sunset mass or not? When i went to Penang Last year i attend sunset mass there. Thanks

    • As you can see the time schedule here, there is no mention of sunset Mass at SFX church, so there is no sunset Mass at SFX church now.

  18. can i confirm that saturday sunset mass at OLS is at 6pm?
    we will be there on 22/9/2018 thanks.

  19. Rosalind Laanag

    hi, i will be at penang from 5th – 8th of July. May I know the nearest church if I stay at Apollo Inn. Thank you in advance

  20. Is the church open on 1st May (Tuesday) on a Publuc Holiday? Is there a mass or any baptisement?

  21. Natalia Rose

    Hello. Can you please let me know what time the Good Friday Stations of the Cross Service is. Thank you.

    • The schedule of our Holy Week services is right on top on the homepage of our website here. Please go to the main page (homepage) and you will see all.

  22. Evelyn Jumawid

    What time is the Simbang Gabi or is there a dawn mass for tomorrow dec. 23 at the Our Lady of Sorrows?.. coz its the church nearest to our hotel. Thanks

    • Please click on the ‘parish bulletin’ page to download the bulletin and you will see the Simbang Gabi Mass tim.

  23. Hi! My family and i will spending Christmas in Penang. We would like to attend mandarin speaking Christmas Eve mass. May I know which church shall we heading to attend Christmas Eve Mass? Kindly give me suggestion. Your kindness is much appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


    • Dear Thomas, the 9.00 pm Christmas Eve Mass at Church of Our Lady of Sorrows will be in combined language of English and Mandarin.

  24. Roger Tsen

    I just want to double confirm that, is tomorrow (17/12/17, Sunday), the mandarin mass for our lady of sorrows will held at 10:15am?


  25. vanessa zehnder

    My family and i will be spending Christmas in Penang. We will be staying in Batu Feringhi. Which would be the nearest church to us to attend Christmas Mass.

    Appreciate your help.
    Thanking you in advance.


    • The nearest church to Batu Ferringh would be the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Can you please google for the church website or something as we don’t have the Mass schedule of that church, not being our parish. Thanks.

  26. Hello, i was wondering if you can tell us mass schedules for christmas eve?

    • Hi Divina

      We just got our Christmas schedule up today, so can you please refer to this website of ours at the home page. Thanks.

  27. Is the tagalong mass every weekend?

    • In ols

    • Hi Brendan

      If you refer to our Mass time schedule here as above, you will notice that it is every week. It is stated there clearly the Tagalog Mass at 11.30am on Sunday, so meaning it is on every week.

  28. Hi, may I know is the renovation work for Church of the Assumption completed? I will be visiting Penang next month. Thank you.

    • Dear Geri

      The restoration of the Assumption is scheduled to be completed by 31 Oct but looks like up to today, it has not been completed yet, so I am not sure if it will be opened in Dec.

      Earlier, before the project started, there is a plan to have a soft opening of the church during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

      Perhaps you can watch out our blog here, or our Facebook page to check for the opening.

      Hope that help.

  29. Rigel flores

    Hi i want to know what time is the mass in cathedral church in greenlane every sunday?

    • Hi RIgel Flores

      Sorry the Cathedral in Green Lane is not under City Parish so we do not have the Mass schedule.

      However, we do have their telephone number, so can you please call them to find out.
      Phone: +60 4-658 4909

  30. we will be staying at the Blue Mansion,how can we reach Assumption Church how much,are we going to spent,or what is nearest church to our place

    • Hi Reyes

      It was stated above that the Assumption church is temporary closed for renovation, that’s why we did not put in the Mass time.

      The nearest church would be St Francis Xavier. Please scroll up to check the time of Mass and the address of St Francis Xavier church. For the location map, please go to our ‘About Us’ section.

      Hope this help.

  31. Hello, We’ll be going to Penang this weekend that is on 22nd Apr. Will there be any mass at SFX? Tq

    • Carren, it was stated right here, right on top, under SFX church, the time of Masses on Saturday and Sunday, so sure, there will be Masses on Saturdays and Sundays.

      I copy and paste for your reference:

      52K Penang Road

      6.00 pm Novena
      6.30 pm Mass (English)

      10.00 am Mass (English)
      6.00pm Mass (English)

  32. Hi! I will be staying at Golden Sands Hotel from March 26-31 and in Highfloor Seaview Condo in George town from March 31-April 1, what is the nearest Catholic church there. What are the daily mass schedule? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kim

      The nearest church to the Golden Sands hotel would be the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Unfortunately, as that church is not under our parish, I am not sure of their daily Mass schedule but you can check out its Facebook page here to find out the Mass time:
      or you can contact them at tel. 04 – 2278297

      As for the HIghfloor Seaview Condo, sorry I am not sure of the location. Do you have the address? If it is in Georgetown area, then it could be near to either Our Lady of Sorrows church or St Francis Xavier church, which are under our parish, and you can view the Mass schedule right here.

      Hope that help. Feel free to contact us again if you are in doubt.

  33. Hi, I’ll be staying at Kimberley Hotel Georgetown drg this Sat noontime 28/1 until 31/1 mrg. Is there any church nearby this Hotel beside OLS church? May I know the mass schedule for this Sun mass. Any cancellation for the Mandarin mass on this Sun at 10:15 am?

    TQ. and God bless you for ur kindness.

    • Agnes, the other church near to your hotel will be the SFX church. Please check our website here under ‘About us’ for the address and location.

      As for the time of Masses, please download our bulletin, also here, at our website, under ‘Parish bulletin’. All information can be found here at our website, if you look around. Chinese New Year Mass schedule is also on the front page of the site.

      If you look at the bulletin, you’ll notice the 10.15am Chinese Mass is still on, since Sunday is consider normal Sunday.

  34. our family will be staying at hotel nearby Gurney Paragon Mall going on 11th December. Could you please recommend the nearest Catholic church to us. We will search the Mass schedule ourselves. Thanks

  35. Shallom…ada mass bm this comming sunday

    • Every 1st and 3rd Sunday, at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Mass is bi-lingual – in both English and Bahasa.

  36. Thanks so.much for yr reply. God bless

  37. I’ll be staying at Lorong Stewart, Georgetown for the weekend of 29-30/10. Can you pls adv if there’s a church nearby (directions as well please) and English mass times? Tks very much.

  38. spencer justine

    Hi, we will be visit penang in on 11/11/2016. We are from Sabah. So we will be staying at Malaysia Hotel and which is the nearest catholic church we can go? We would like to go sunset mass on saturday and the mass schedule?

    • Dear Spencer Justine

      The nearest church to Hotel Malaysia is St Francis Xavier church, which is just opposite Hotel Malaysia. For the Mass schedule, you can refer to this page (section) right here – all the time schedule are stated clearly.

      Hope this help.

  39. Louella Fonseca

    Hi, I’ll be staying at The Royale Bintang Penang in October.
    Please could you help me the nearest Catholic church.

    • Hi Louella, the nearest church to the Royale Bintang hotel will be the Church of St Francis Xavier (originally it should be the Assumption church but the Assumption church is closed for restortion).

      Please see the map here (link below) for the direction to the SFX church. If you drive or take a bus, it will be very near – 5 mins drive with no heavy traffic.

  40. Margaret miyon

    Good morning,my family wil be staying at hotel malaysia penang road on 10.9.16.would like to know the nearest Catholic church to attend mass on 11.9.16.tq

    • Dear Margaret, the nearest church to Hotel Malaysia is the Church of St Francis Xavier. As you can see here (this ‘Mass time’ section), the address is ‘Penang Road’, same road, and it is just right oppostie the hotel.

      For the Mass time, please refer above or refer to our bulletin which can be downloaded for reference.

  41. grace lazaro

    Good day! when will the schedule of the Christmas masses be available? thanks!

  42. Cyndi Chua

    I will be staying at Grand Inn Penang, Penang Road. I would like to know which is the nearest Catholic Church to attend Pentecost mass on 15.5.16.

    • Hi there.

      You mentioned that Grand Inn Penang is at Penang Road but I think it should be at Macalister Road. If that’s the case, the nearest church would be Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, also at Macalister Road (but the other end further down. Macalister Road is a long road).

      As it is a Sunday, the time of masses will be as usual, the same as every Sunday mass time (which you can see right here on top).

      Hope that help.

      • Cyndi Chua

        Thanks sis Lucia. I was informed that the Grand Inn is at Penang Road.

  43. Good morning, would appreciate if you could let me know the mass time for today Saturday 26th March at church of our lady of sorrow macalister road.

    Thank you
    God blessed

    Best regards
    Junaa law

  44. mheng linao

    Is there a mass tomorrow Dec 31 2015 or Jan 01 2016 in Our Lady of Sorrows?

  45. Hi Cheryl

    You didn’t comment on a new post, so I can’t reply to you directly.

    I do understand the Assumption church is open daily but I’m not sure of the time. It could be open only in the morning, maybe 10.00am to 12 noon. The best, is, please call the parish office (tel. no. 04-2261502) on that day to enquire from them.


    • Dear Mheng linao

      I suppose you come in to our blog via the homepage/main page, of which the url is –

      Well, as you came to our homepage, you will notice the Mass time stated right there, the very first post. You won’t miss it if you come to our blog direct. Go on – click on our url – and you’ll see a table with the Mass time.

      Anyway, the answer to your question is yes. As you will notice, there are Masses on 31 Dec (10.00pm) and 1 Jan (9.00am).

  46. Thank you for your speedy reply. You have been very helpful. God bless.

  47. Hi, I’ll be staying at City Bayview during the weekend of the Assumption of Our Lady. On the map, the Cathedral of the Assumption looks within walking distance. About how long will it take? What time will the Masses be. Another option is the Armenian Street Heritage Hotel. Is there a Catholic Church nearby? Thanks

    • Hi Eilen, the Assumption church is very near to City Bayview hotel… kind of like a few blocks away. Walking distance, will take only 5 mins.
      Since Assumption falls on Saturday, most probably the Mass time will be the same as our usual sunset Mass at 6.30pm. On Sunday, it will be at 10.00am.

      The St Francis Xavier church is also near to CIty Bayview (the opposite side of Assumption direction). About same distance as to Assumption church. The Sunday Mass is at 6.00pm.

      There is no other churches near Armenian Street Heritage hotel (which is at Carnarvon Street) except those 2 I mentioned – the Assumption and St Francis Xavier. The walking distance is a bit far… about 15 mins.

      • Hi There,

        Could someone tell me if the church of assumption is open daily to be able to walk in?

        My grandmothers funeral is tomorrow back in Scotland at 5pm (penang time) and I would like to go along to light a candle and say a prayer for her.

        Hope to hear back.

        Thank you


  48. chrispin michael

    I’ll be flying to Penang on May 13, 2015. I’ll stay at a hotel that nearby St Francis Xavier Church. Is there Morning Mass or Evening Mass will be held at the church? Perhaps any other church in George Town? thank you.

    • Hi there Chrispin Michael

      The Mass times for all our 4 City Parish churches are stated here.

      As you can see, the Church of St Francis Xavier does not have weekdays Mass but only Mass on Sunday.

      Our Lady of Sorrows (OLS) church dose have morning Mass on Tuesday and Wednesday and evening Mass on Thursday and Friday. Please refer above for the time.

      OLS church is nearby to St Francis Xavier church, within walking distance if you don’t mind the walk.

  49. Dear Pic,

    May i know what time is the way of cross service on fridays?Thanks in advance. God bless.

  50. Dear Sirs,

    Could you please let me what at what time there will be Masses on holy Thursday and good Friday?

    Kind Regards


    • Dear Olga

      It’s still early for the time of Masses during Holy Week, when Lent has not even begin yet. Usually we will have the time up around the last two weeks of Lent. Don’t worry, we will put up the Mass schedule for Holy Week here at our blog, and also at our Facebook. Please check our blog when Holy Week approach. Thank you.

  51. Hey,

    could you please let me know the mass times for Christmas in Penang? We’ll arrive at the 24th, staying til 26th.

    Thank you.

  52. Hey,

    Could u please let me know the mass times for Christmas in Penang?

    Thank you.

    • Hi there reiseva

      Please refer to our website home page. The Mass time are there. As for the Mass time of other churches in Penang, sorry we don’t know. You should ask the individual church. Go to the links on our blog here at the right column under ‘churches’.

  53. Hi all, could anyone advise on mass timings for christmas week in Penang City please?

    • Please refer to our website home page. The Mass time are there. As for the Mass time of other churches in Penang, sorry we don’t know. You should ask the individual church. Go to the links on our blog here at the right column under ‘churches’.


  54. I arrive Penang this Sunday and I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there is an evening Mass at the Cathedral of Assumption on Sunday? Much thanks

    • Dear Mylo Lo

      The Mass time for the Church of the Assumption (not Cathedral) is as stated above – 10.00 am on Sunday. You can also download our parish bulletin for the Mass time.
      There is no evening Mass at the Assumption but there is evening Mass at SFX church (as stated above).

  55. Hari Krishnan

    Can u tell me the mass times for Holy Week in penang catholic churches


  57. Hilary tunnard

    Any morning mass on Ash Wednesday in penang?

  58. You may contact CHS, Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, Tel:04-658 4909 / 656 6681 for details. English and Mandarin session available twice a year if I am not mistaken. God Bless.

  59. elizabeth linda

    I’m sarawakian now currently working in peneng. I wnt to know regarding ‘kursus kawen’… Who can i contact… Pls help me….

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