Theme, Vision-Mission and Focus

Peace and Unity:  Christ-centred Family

The City Parish will be a Family Parish, rooted in Jesus Christ, driven by faith, teamwork and dedication, that will transform lives and communities.

*  To build Christ-centred BEC and parish communities
*  Be rooted in the Word of God
*  Reaching out to all as witnesses for Christ and His Church.
*  Being a welcoming parish

Focus for 2013
In line with the Year of Faith, the parish focus for 2013 are:


1.   Word of God
a)  One person, one bible
b)  Bible reflection groups
c)  All meetings and gatherings starts with scripture reading and sharing.
d)  Bible Formation

2.   Worship
a) Liturgical Formation
b) OLS 125th anniversary
c) Worship every 13th day of the week

3.   Witnessing
a)  All ministries are called to reach out to others
b)  A Parish Mission activities
c)  Corpus Christi
d)  Pilgirmage:  Assumption pilgrimage entrance and OLS 125th anniversary

4.   Celebration
a)  Celebrating our birthdays, anniversaries, feast-days, day of Baptism, etc. on every 1st Sunday of the month and all churches, followed by blessing.
b)  Celebrating our faith, visit our baptism parish and renew our baptismal promise.


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