Evangelization Night

A time for all to explore your mission and to experience the love of God in your life! Come be empowered and renewed as you live out your faith! The Evangelization Night is a special event in conjunction with EMY 2019, from 12 to 13 Oct weekend in English and 19 to 20 Oct weekend in Mandarin. A group from the Catholic Spirituality Centre Singapore will be facilitating the English session. We invite you to come and bring your non-Catholic friends too! See you there!

EVANGELIZATION NIGHT AT ASSUMPTION CHURCH: This is in conjunction with the Extraordinary Month of Mission, So please be part of the Missionary effort to promote your Faith!


October 12 (Sat) : 6.00 pm Praise & Worship, Mass at 6.30pm AT Assumption Church –For Catholics;Come And Pray For Mission Efforts. Evangelisation Is Not An Option But A Basic Responsibility. No Sunset Mass At OLS

October 13 (Sun) : 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm –Praise & Worship, Preaching & Testimonies , Please bring at least one non-Catholic friend. No Mass At SFX On 13/10.


Christ is alive in all His disciples

27 Sept. 2019

By Aaron Lim
Twelve confirmands of City Parish received the Sacrament of Confirmation on September 14 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Bishop Sebastian Francis, with Msgr Aloysius Tan (parish priest) and Msgr Daniel Lim as concelebrants.

The Bishop of Penang began his homily by wishing all parishioners a joyous feastday and Malaysia Day as the Confirmation Mass coincided with both occasions.

“After listening to the young people and discernment through the Synod of Bishops, Pope Francis is telling young people that Christus Vivit – Christ is Alive!” he said.

Touching on the recent document from the Pope, Bishop Sebastian said that Christ wants His disciples to be alive because of three truths – God loves us, Jesus saves us and God is alive.

“God loves each and every one of us without exceptions; Jesus came to save us and remind  us of His love, and the Pope tells us that we cannot save anyone whom we do not love,” he said.

The Bishop reminded the faithful that these three truths are foundation and fundamental messages which Christ and the Spirit tell us will remain until the end of time.

“The invitation from Christ to all young people is to go on an adventure, to accept the mission in sharing and living this truth in your  lives,” he said.

Bishop Sebastian said that traditionally, the Church is categorised into clergy, religious and laity; but in today’s context the Pope and Bishops are the apostles, followed by all the people of God being disciples through their baptism.

The Bishop then urged the young people to join the winning team, and trust that the Holy Spirit would guide and lead them to complete  the mission of Christ on earth.

He also invited the confirmands to come forward as young adults to make a decision to follow Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour with their own terms and choice.

“It is imperative and mandatory for us to go on mission; the Sacrament of Confirmation is a permanent seal whereby you go with confidence with the Holy Spirit’s companionship,” he said.

The confirmands then renewed their baptismal promises and received the gifts of the Spirit, witnessed by their parents, sponsors and parishioners.

A representative of the Confirmation class, Janice Ooi, delivered a speech after Mass. Bishop Sebastian then presented the certificates to the newly-confirmed.

Msgr Tan thanked the Confirmation class catechists together with the camp formators and parents for journeying with them.

OLS Feast coincides with Mid Autumn Festival and Malaysia Day

27 Sept 2019

By Aaron Lim
The parishioners of City Parish had many reasons to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (OLS) this year, which took place from September 13 to 15.

Apart from it being the feastday of OLS Church, the event coincided with the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, Confirmation and Malaysia Day, thus making it an even more joyous occasion. On September 13, Mass was celebrated by Fr Clarence Devadass from Kuala Lumpur, with Msgr Aloysius Tan (parish priest) and Fr Adrian Matthews concelebrating.

Reflecting on the theme of families, Fr Clarence highlighted the many changes in modern family life such as declining birth rates, longer life expectancies, increasing household incomes and rising breakdown of marriages.

“We also need to realise that the context of family life today is different compared to 20 or 30 years ago; families today are also being defined in the virtual world on social media,” he said.

He also shared on Pope Francis’ document Amoris Laetitia – The Joy of Love which emphasises on family life as the cornerstone of our faith.

“Our mission must begin from within as a family, in transforming ourselves to become living signs of the sacredness of the faith,” he said.

Fr Clarence then urged the faithful to restore the value of family through Jesus, to fulfil its mission towards the parish and society, thus becoming a sign of God’s living presence.

After Mass, each family received a special blessing from the priests and a family candle to encourage them to pray and grow together.

The parish’s Chinese Apostolate organised the Mid Autumn Festival on the same evening with many parishioners staying back for the fellowship and celebrations.

Apart from the Lantern Walk, which took place in the church grounds, games were organised. Parishioners were introduced to traditional Chinese food items, riddles and folk tales.

On September 14, the community witnessed 12 candidates receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation presided over by Bishop Sebastian Francis.

The feastday Mass was celebrated on September 15 by Fr Clarence, with Msgr Tan, Msgr Daniel Lim and Fr Maiccal Sinnappan (assistant parish priest) as concelebrants.

Fr Clarence shared that Mary participated in God’s plan of salvation through three events – The Annunciation, the Visit to Elizabeth and being at the Foot of the Cross.

“Mary embodies the mission of the Church. She becomes an example for us to accompany the Church and prays to her son Jesus; thus she is our mother for mission,” he said.

Fr Clarence hoped that all the faithful would be open to the will of God, and respond positively to His call as Mary did by being steadfast in faith.

“We pray for the qualities that Mary had in order to be missionaries in our own right, to be ready to serve God as a community bearing witness to His name,” he said.

In celebration of Malaysia Day, parishioners sang the National Anthem at the end of the Mass before adjourning to the church hall for Malaysian-style feast day fellowship.

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Continue the missionary spirit in Malaysia, Nuncio urges

Herald, 1 Sept 2019

By Aaron Lim
“We must continue the missionary spirit in Malaysia; the great evangelisation of faith from the past to present, in line with the Gospel values of giving what we have received,” said Archbishop Joseph Marino at the Assumption Church’s Feastday celebrations August 14.

It was the first time that the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia had visited the Church of the Assumption (City Parish). He was welcomed by a spectacular lion dance performance.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Archbishop Marino, with Bishop Sebastian Francis, Bishop Emeritus Antony Selvanayagam, Msgr Stephen Liew and Msgr Aloysius Tan (parish priest), together with 10 other priests concelebrating.

The Nuncio began his homily by stating that the Feast of the Assumption is a feast of hope that celebrates the process of human salvation, that embraces the entire human being and experience.

“Throughout its entire history, the Church has always been interested in the total destiny of man, especially those most in need,” he said.

Archbishop Marino also noted that the Second Vatican Council, through Gaudium et Spes, proclaimed for the human person to be saved and society to be renewed.

“The process of salvation is underway and involves our entire being. For Jesus did not just save souls, rather, he saved the totality of the human person, body and soul, flesh and spirit.”

The Nuncio said that the Church feeds us with the Body and the Blood of Christ. At the same time she desires to relieve the misery of all humanity. The Church points humans to a world marked by justice and charity.

Archbishop Marino said that as Catholics, our wish is to follow Mary wherever she goes, to be with her where she is and to enjoy what she now has in heaven.

“In the same way she leads us to heaven, she leads us in prayer, that the reign of God be made visible today in our societies throughout the globe.”

He ended by urging the faithful to go with the spirit of hope when celebrating the Eucharist. From there they can see the glory of God and taste the sweetness of the Lord.

Bishop Sebastian, in a short speech, gave a historical description of the Assumption Church, which is the oldest Catholic church in Penang, founded in 1786.

“We are happy to note that the story began here. As a pioneering church, the mission continued in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and beyond,” he said.

The Bishop thanked the Nuncio for taking time off to visit and assured him that the community, with its solid foundation from the past, will move in confidence towards the future.

As a sign of love and prayer towards the Holy Father, the congregation, led by the multi-lingual choir, sang God Bless Our Pope to the glorious accompaniment of the church’s century-old pipe organ.

City Parish pastoral chairman John Dass then presented Archbishop Marino with a selection of Penang’s delicacies as a token of appreciation.

The Nuncio also received a pleasant surprise when a cake was brought in to celebrate his 40th Sacerdotal Anniversary which falls on August 25.

“Never had I imagined that I would be in Malaysia to celebrate 40 years of priesthood,” he remarked whilst thanking the parish for in the warm hospitality.

Penang Eurasians commemorate their historical arrival

Herald, 1 Sept. 2019

By Aaron Lim
History was made in the year 1786 when Eurasians arrived on the shores of Penang island on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption.

Fast forward 233 years, some 200 of their descendants gathered at Fort Cornwallis on August 14 to re-enact the arrival of their forefathers.They took a short walk from the historical fortress to the Church of the Assumption, where the Catholic community has its roots.

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Having an Armour of God to strengthen their faith

Having an Armour of God to strengthen their faith
HHerald, 23 August 2019

By Aaron Lim
It was an experience of a lifetime for 13 confirmands of City Parish, who attended their Confirmation Camp August 9-11 at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

The confirmands attended a specially designed programme entitled Armour of God to strengthen their faith and transform them into brave and missionary disciples of Christ.

This was facilitated by Helena Michael, Andrina Clare, Joachim Xavier and Alicia who journeyed with them, together with several parish catechists.

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Get Fit Day promotes balanced lifestyle

Herald, 18 Aug. 2019
Get Fit Day promotes balanced lifestyle

By Aaron Lim
The church grounds were filled with sounds of joy and laughter as parishioners stretched their muscles and followed the rhythm of the instructors.

City Parish held its first edition of Get Fit Day on July 30 at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows.
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Pilgrims make journey of faith to Assumption Penang

11 Aug 2019

By Aaron Lim
The Church of the Assumption, which was opened as a pilgrim church for the Extraordinary Missionary Year (EMY 2019) has seen a tremendous response from all Catholics. 

Since Pentecost Sunday, the church has attracted more than 2,000 pilgrims from all over Malaysia and from neighbouring countries. Close to 400 pilgrims from Sabah visited the church on July 26, making it the largest group of pilgrims to visit the church thus far. 


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Feast of the Assumption

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